Atmospheric Entertainment's 1920’s themed strolling players will provide entertainment customized to your special event, engaging your guests in witty banter and playful interactions. Your party guests will walk away with great memories and an even better story to tell. Add some flair to your guests list with our Mob Boss, a few Rum Runners and Bootleggers, or maybe even a Fed or two for some extra drama!


These cheeky and vivacious flapper girls will get all you guests shimmy and shaking, by teasing and laughing the night away with your guests. Elegant and timeless in flapper dresses, knotted pearls, and elbow length gloves, these girls will catch the eye of every guest and enhance your 1920's theme. Who knows, there might even be a scandal!

mob enforcer

The silent hulking type, this quiet follower does the Boss' bidding, whether that's running an errand, or.. well.. ya know. Also donning a suit and fedora, you'll see enforcers looming moodily, just waiting for orders, or possibly already carrying them out! Better stay on the Boss' good side so you don't end up on their wrong side...

mob boss

Atmospheric Entertainment Mob Boss Character

Charming and gracious, but always with a sharp eye out for Feds, the big man on the totem pole, this mafia don with be the highlight of the party. Always dressed sharp in his pinstripe suit, you can expect that he will be making ladies swoon and looking out for new business partners, or ways to off the competition!

ma (mob boss' mom)

Always outspoken, this Ma isn't afraid of anything, including her son! You'll find this dolled up momma sashaying around the joint telling stories about her son in her finest gown, pearls, and shawl. She's very protective of her baby boy, but isn't afraid to tell him to behave, so watch the hilarity ensue when they bump into each other at the party!

bootleggers/rum runners

Very sly, low level criminals, these paranoid thugs favor collared shirts, rolled up sleeves and suspenders, the better to do their dirty deeds in. Their profession gives them away, making them constantly smell like rum! Things could get hinky if you make them nervous, so don't ask questions, and you should get along just fine...


Atmospheric Entertainment Singer Chanteuse Character

A slinky dress, sultry demeanor, and soulful vocals will get a person places, such as on the list to your party! All the world is a stage for this Chanteuse, so your guests are sure to get a show, whether it's an enthralling conversation or an impromptu performance! Don't stare too long though, she might tell you to take a picture.

feds/atf agents

Who invited these guys? They're everywhere, sniffing around for any signs of liquid lawbreaking, keep your eyes peeled for suits without pinstripes and bowler hats. If they suspect you of breaking prohibition, it'll be the slammer with you, so make sure you hide your drinks!


Nosy, sneaky, and manipulative, these grunts will do anything to get a story, and they aren't always honest. Sporting a suit and trench coat, these news hawks stop at nothing, so be careful what you say around them! They'll be snooping around all night to try and get the juiciest story at the party.